Listing of Debian and CentOS (RHEL) shell scripts

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Welcome to the first of its kind website (although the idea is pretty old) where I am planning and trying to list down all the good and juicy bash/shell scripts to bootstrap your linux (CentOS (RHEL) or Debian) boxes. Please stay tuned as I try to fill this space up with information scattered on different sources (mainly github and lowendtalk)

Script Categories

I am going to add scripts in the following main categories (open to discussion)

About this wiki

Shell/Bash scripts have been there for quiet sometime now but the community I am part of, mostly came to recognize the power of it when the original LowEndAdmin (aka LEA) wrote a blog post to show the readers how to bootstrap a lowend box.

LEA wrote a number of blog posts, I am listing them down here in the order they were posted

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